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The THIRD MIND FOUNDATION was started in 2015 by a group of architects, designers and artists to initiate thought provoking and meaningful competitions that are interdisciplinary in nature.

Competition Update #1

Fact: A patchwork of walls, fences and 20,000 Border Patrol agents already exist at the US Mexican Border.

We have made the following modifications to clarify the nature of the competition, as follows:

1. A question mark [?] has been added to the title to indicate that the competition is not strictly calling for the design of a wall.

2. The brief and challenge have been updated to clarify that this competition and the organizers are "politically neutral" on the subject. We are neither for, nor against, building a border wall.

3. The competition is seeking innovative and thought provoking solutions, ideas, concepts to a very real issue. The challenges and problems are numerous.

4. We are actively building a diverse jury. The current participants and images are "place holders" to show the kind of diversity in the jury selection we are hoping to achieve. When the jury is complete this section will be updated.

5. John Beckmann from Axis Mundi, is chief organizer and liaison for the The Third Mind Foundation. He is acting on our behalf and will be a non-voting member of the jury. No one from the Foundation, nor immediate friends, family, and so forth, will be participating on the jury.

6. The Third Mind Foundation is a group of architects, designers and artists, who wish to remain anonymous. This is our first organized competition. Any profits after expenses will be used for a future competition in 2017. Or we will increase the final award amounts.

- Third Mind Foundation

New York, NY